Some Best Places to Explore in Florida

Some Best Places to Explore in Florida

Some Best Places to Explore in Florida – Florida offers many great locations for traveling. You can spend some days in Florida and you can explore various beautiful places in the state. You can find nice beaches, parks, and other interesting destinations. You will not regret seeing the great views. When you have no ideas of the places to go, you can check the recommendations.

First, you can set your destination to Destin. This is a city and even you may call it a small town. However, you will find many great things in the city. Of course, beaches are what you are going to find when you go to Destin. You should explore each of the beaches. Most of them have the white and clean sand that will impress you. You can relax as you enjoy the beautiful view offered by the coastal lines in Destin. Then, you can also see the beautiful sea and waves. When you are looking for activities to do, you can enjoy playing golf. There are some spots that will give you spacious space to hit the ball and seek the holes. Then, you can also go to the Henderson Beach State Park. You can enjoy walking on the tracks to reach the destination and you will be greeted by beautiful view of the park. One hour from Destin, you can reach Panama City where you can find the Panama City Beach that becomes one of the best beaches to find in Florida. There are also Camp Helen State Park and Gulf World Marine Park.

When you are travelling with family, you cannot skip Orlando. This has many recreational spots for you and your family. Kids will love the city and one of the reasons is the Disney World. This is one of the best Disney Word that you can find and you can take your kids to enjoy the magical kingdom and many entertainments. Of course, you can also enjoy your time because you will never get bored with all of the things offered by Orlando Disney World. When you have got your time in the recreational theme park, you can get yourself ready to the Kennedy Space Center. You can view and learn many things about space exploration in the Space Center. Near the Kennedy Space Center, you can find Cocoa Beach. You may also want to see the home of Daytona 500 and you can go to Daytona International Speedway.

Some Best Places to Explore in Florida

When you love something about history, you can also find them in Florida. You can set your destination to St. Augustine. This becomes the oldest city in US so you will really see great histories of US in the city. First, you can go to Castillo de San Marcos. This is the place where you can find the great influence of Spanish Colonials who came to the America in the past. Still in the same area, you can find Lighter Museum. You can explore the area by walking. There are also boat tours for you in case you want to enjoy the city in different way. St. Augustine also has its own beautiful nature and you can go to Ponte Vedra Beach. You can find great sand dune and you can also ride rented bikes to explore the area. When you want to have nice dinner with beautiful view of Atlantic water, you can go to Flagler Beach where you can find many great restaurants with open spaces to view the beach.

Still about beaches, you can find them in Sarasota. When you want to see great pristine beach with white sand, you really must go to Siesta Key. This is one of the best beaches that even have won many awards because of its beauty. Because it is famous, you may see crowds of people. When you are not really comfortable with it, you can find quieter beach, and it is Lido beach. This is less popular and you can really find silence and calmness when you visit the beach. You do not only enjoy the beautiful beach, but you can also explore the shops, restaurants, and boutiques around it. Sarasota is actually not only about beaches. You can enjoy art and the best place is the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. There are also some art galleries to explore.

Amelia Island can be included in the list. This is a beautiful and silent island in the east coast where you can see beauty of Atlantic. You can see some pristine beaches around the island. When you want to have strolls around the island, you can go to Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach. The town is quiet and it is perfect for strolling around as you enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air. There are still some spots to enjoy so you can spend some days to stay in the Amelia Island. This is surely nice spot to enjoy your time without being disturbed by noises of vehicles as what you can see in towns and cities.

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