Recommended Places of Escape Getaways in Florida

Recommended Places of Escape Getaways in Florida

Recommended Places of Escape Getaways in Florida – In traveling, some people look for calm and silent spaces so they do not need to always see the crowds of people. They need some escape getaways from all things that make them restless. In this case, some destinations in Florida can provide the real escapes. When you are also interested to get the nice places and enjoy the beautiful natures, you can check some of these places in Florida that surely will not make you disappointed.

First, you can go to Destin. This is nice area in Florida where you can find the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village. This is the title given to Destin because you can find many fishing area in there and you can try your luck. Even if you are not lucky person and you have never done fishing before, you can get the fishes catching your baits. However, when you think that fishing is not your thing, you can enjoy the beaches in Destin. This is the area with longest duration of sunlight. There will always be sunlight during 325 days in a year so you will really get bright days when you go to Destin. You can visit some breathtaking beaches in the area. You can have many fun activities around the water, even as simple as swimming. When you want to have adventure in the water, you can go to some snorkeling spots. Even, you can enjoy deep-sea fishing. When you have enough with the activities around the water, you can get back to the land and play golfs, enjoy biking, and even hiking.

Florida has some great islands, and Marco Island is one of them. You can find the island on south of Florida and this can be nice place to enjoy some days of holiday. Of course, you can stroll around the beaches. Tigertail Beach and South Marco Beach are two recommended place for you. Then, you can explore butterfly garden on the island. When you are bored with these activities and you want to do something more exciting, you can try the parasailing or windsurfing. These two activities are provided on the Marco Island and you can find spots and even guides to help you doing the thrilling activities.

When you want to see real beauty of nature, and even the wild nature, you can go to Everglades. This is special place in Florida where you can see wild animals. This is a world heritage site and national park at the same time. The nature in Everglades is perfectly preserved. You can find many rare animals that normally may only be seen in certain zoos. In Everglades, you can see them directly in their own house or ecosystem. You can see manatees, American crocodiles and alligators, and even the Florida panthers. Some endangered animals can be seen and that is why the world heritage site and even an international biosphere reserve are. When you are really curious and want to explore the swamps and other area, you can take the airboat that will bring you to do the exploration. Even when you want to have direct experience to live in the wild, you can try the swamp camping.

Recommended Places of Escape Getaways in Florida

Next, you can go to Fort Lauderdale. This is special place in Florida and even in the US. You can see the US version of Venice in this place. The area has canals and these are up to 300 miles. Thus, it is really like Venice but it is with American vibes. This is spot where you can explore the area by taking water taxis. You can find them easily so you do not need to worry. Then, Fort Lauderdale is also historic places. Thus, you can also find some historical places as you explore on the water taxi. In addition to the canals and the water taxis, you can find museum and shopping center. Some high-end restaurants can also be found. When you are still not enough with beaches of Florida, you can also find them.

When you go to Florida, it is necessary to go to St. Augustine. This becomes the oldest city in America. This has the long history when settlers from other continent arrived in America. You can still find some spots from the area of 1500s, such as the Fountain of Youth. Then, you can go to Castillo de San Marcos to see the great historical sites with European style because it has architecture of the Spanish colonization at that time. When you want to see alligators in safer way, you can go to Alligator Farm. You can see the great American alligators in this place. When you arrive in St. Augustine around Christmas, you can enjoy the festival. It is Nights of Lights that has become annual festival during Christmas. You will see the city full of lights and these are very beautiful. When you want to stay in some nice area with long history, you can find St. Francis Inn that was built in 1791. This can be found on St George Street.


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