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Why You Need to Do Paddleboard Fishing

Even though paddleboarding has been around since ancient times, it is a relatively new and very popular sport today. Apparently, you don’t have to just paddle around either. I’ve seen paddleboarders racing, spearfishing, snorkeling, lobstering, wake surfing — even doing Yoga. I’ve done all kinds of paddleboarding, but I definitely enjoy the advantages of paddleboard fishing. Here are some reasons why:

Accessibility: You can Do paddleboard fishing in pretty much any body of water — lake, ocean, bay, river, pond. You also can get to places that are hard to access via boat (ie: mangroves, tall reeds, etc.)

The Height Advantage: It’s easier to cast your line standing up. Plus, the higher you are, the better you can see potholes, mud boils, grass beds, and fish moving around. Best thing: you can sneak right up on them or cast your line right at them. Sight casting is like fishing and hunting — it’s the best of both worlds. Bam!

Mobility: Paddleboards are easy to transport and load/unload. Just plop the board in the water and you’re good to go.

Exercise: With paddleboarding, I get a full-body workout and I get to catch fish — it’s a win-win!

What Kind of Paddleboard is Best for Fishing?: Get a paddleboard that is big, wide, thick, and long for better stability (and a place to put your cooler and rod holders).

Rent or Buy?: If you’ve never been on a paddleboard, I highly recommend you rent one first. If you plan on buying one, the good news is paddleboards have become more affordable due to their popularity over the years, and used ones are a lot more available than ever before.

Important Tip: Hit the waters early or late in the day. And make sure to check the weather because strong winds make getting back to shore a real issue (see above video). Also, stay away from heavily boat-trafficked areas.

Best Time of Year to Do Paddleboard Fishing: Any time of year in Florida, baby!


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