What does vacation smell like?

We recently went on our yearly family vacation to New Smyrna Beach. Yeah, a whooping 45 minute drive for us from Lake Mary, one of the many bennies of living in paradise. One night, after a hard day of vacationing, my 8 year old son jumped in my lap and I buried my nose in his hair as parents do. His hair smelled like his day. It was a beautiful blend of salt, chlorine and sun block with hints of blue-raspberry snow cone. Ahhh smells like vacation. Whether it’s crayons, a new text book, or a father’s cigar. We all have smells that trigger a childhood memory…most good, some bad. Growing up here, we vacationed here, as a result, my vacation smells were a potpourri of saltwater, fishing bait, surf wax, old bay seasoning and summer rain storms. It’s a scientific fact that our sense of smell directly links to our memory, so it’s these smells that allow vacation to linger into our adulthood, waiting to be instantly recalled next time we walk by that snow cone machine. So…what smells remind you of your childhood vacations?

Do florida!

Chad Crawford

Nothing better then watermelon on a hot summer day at the beach. My kids enjoying some vacation watermelon.