The Stick

In 2008 the National Toy Hall of Fame named the most successful toys of all time, the winner was, you guessed it, the stick… Yep just your basic backyard, run of the mill, no batteries required stick. A few months ago my Dad made a few swords out of palmetto limbs for my two boys.  All day long they played with those sticks. It’s was a sword, a magic wand, a microphone, a guitar and yes a light saber. It reminded me that as parents, we often feel the need to entertain our kids, or buy them the hottest selling electronics. But, in reality, it’s often the simplest toys that spark our children’s imagination and unbridled creativity. Unfortunately, many toys and games for children today don’t require a child’s imagination…just plug it in and hit start. The simpler the toy the more likely it’s being powered by a child’s imagination. Introducing your children to the simple things in life will set their imaginations free…no batteries required.

Do florida!

Chad Crawford

My four year old Cooper with his stick.