Here at Crawford Entertainment, we spend all day, each day working on programming that will help you get outside and enjoy our Florida, whether that be trying new adventures with how to Do florida and The Outsiders Club, or digging in the dirt and planting some Florida-friendly plants at Flip My Florida Yard


It can be hard, though, when you are busy, in the office all day, or going to school and doing homework, to get outside and really enjoy our state.

People from all over the country—scratch that, from all over the WORLD—visit Florida to enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings and our lovely climate. We shouldn’t miss out!

Spending dedicated time outside, even a little bit each day, may help improve your mood, keep you active, and bring you added joy. Who doesn’t want those things?

Here are ten quick tips to infuse a little outdoor Florida into your lives!

  1. Take a walk—Even a ten-minute walk after dinner, instead of heading right to that pile of dishes, or crashing in front of the television or computer screen, will make you smile.
  2. Listen—Go outside right now, and listen to your surroundings. What do you hear? Birds? Palms swaying in the breeze? Waves coming to shore? A car horn? (It can’t all be beautiful, right?) Pay attention to the natural sounds all around us.
  3. Feel the sun—On a sunny day, take small breaks to get outside and really feel the sunshine. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and feel that Vitamin D soaking in. Wear your sunscreen, of course!
  4. Eat al fresco—If it’s good enough for the Italians’ dolce vita, it’s good for us, too. Take a meal outside, even on a small patio or lanai, and commune with nature while you dine.
  5. Look for birds—Have you ever noticed how many beautiful birds we have here in Florida? From cranes to hawks to cardinals, it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing a flying friend.
  6. Smell the flowers—Is there any scent more heavenly than that of citrus blossoms? How about magnolias, gardenias, or jasmine? All of these are here, and you don’t want to miss them. Plant some fragrant native plants, and create a haven right outside your door.
  7. Pay attention to color—The green of the palms, the bright red bougainvillea, the blue of the sky…color is everywhere, and if you aren’t paying attention, you may miss its splendor. The next time you step outside, even to run an errand, make a mental note to observe all the color around you.
  8. Head to the beach at dusk or dawn—Walking the beach as the sun rises or sets (depending on your coast), can be a truly magical experience. Bring a flashlight for the dark, and a warm jacket, too. Central folks: find a lake with sunny vistas to explore.
  9. Unplug with a book—When is the last time you went outside and read a good book? Put the phone down, the electronics away, and give yourself a few minutes to escape to another land, all while staying in gorgeous Florida. A covered spot during a rainstorm makes for reading perfection.
  10. Plan a weekend adventure with friends—camping, paddleboarding, hiking…the list of possible activities could go on and on. Sometimes just knowing a totally immersive outdoor adventure is on the horizon can make you feel able to cope with long hours in air-conditioned rooms.

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