Natures Cubicle

If you’re like me then you waste tons of time during the day on what Scott Belsky calls insecure work in his book, “Making Ideas Happen”. Some examples of this include checking your email, Facebook, twitter, website stats, bank or stock account incessantly; basically anything that makes us feel better about ourselves. These little moments spent looking for this emotional fix would kill my day and I noticed it was paralyzing me from doing work that was meaningful. So just as this wave of social media forced its way into my life, of course I welcomed it with open arms, now I force myself out and away from the hyper-connectivity. So for one day a week  my normal workday is spent in an natural outdoor setting. No internet or phone, just me, my dog and a fully charged MAC. I could’ve just turned off the connections at my office… but who am I kidding? I’d fold like a cheap beach chair within of 30 minutes.

The idea here was to remove myself from distractions and plop into a setting that would inspire. So if you need to get great work accomplished and your job permits then try a natural workspace. You’ll get three days of work done in one. Enjoy Florida!


-Create an ongoing list of tasks for your day away.

-Any natural setting will work, this could be as simple as sitting in a park.

Do florida!

Chad Crawford

One of my work spaces on the St. Johns River