Episode 505

RV Adventure

Show Description: Chad Crawford takes his family on a cross-Florida adventure, headed to Palatka’s Blue Crab Festival, in an old-school RV. Plus, Chef Justin Timineri shares his favorite delicacies and morsels from the Blue Crab Festival.

When: Whenever you want! That’s the beauty of an RV. You can take it where you want whenever you want! Florida Oldscool Campers have a limited supply of buses so make sure you call and reserve yours!

Where: RV’s are everywhere so you can look locally if you’d like. If you want a vintage VW though you’ll need to contact Dixie with Florida Oldscool Campers! They’re located in St. Petersburg about two hours southwest of Orlando.

How Much: Florida Oldscool Campers rates range depending on how long you plan to rent them. The rates start at $150/night for 2-3 nights and range all the way down to $120/night for 14 nights or more.

What You’ll Need: The team at Florida Oldscool Campers does an excellent job of providing just about everything other than food and personal items for you. Visit their website to see a list of what the buses are equipped with!


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