Episode 505

RV Adventure

Episode 412


RV Adventure


Show Description: Chad Crawford takes his family on a cross-Florida adventure and heads to Palatka’s Blue Crab Festival in an old-school RV. Plus, Chef Justin Timineri shares his favorite delicacies from the Blue Crab Festival.


When: The beauty of an RV is you can take it where you want whenever you want! Just make sure to book in advance of your trip and find places where you can park it overnight (you might have to make reservations).


Where: RVs are everywhere, but you can look locally if you’d like. If you want a vintage VW, though, you’ll need to contact Dixie with Florida Oldscool Campers! They’re located in St. Petersburg about two hours southwest of Orlando.


How Much: Florida Oldscool Campers rates range depending on how long you plan to rent them. The rates start at $150/night for 2-3 nights and range all the way down to $120/night for 14 nights or more.


What You’ll Need: The team at Florida Oldscool Campers

does an excellent job of providing just about everything other than food and personal items for you. Visit their website to see a list of how each bus is equipped!


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