Episode 413

Skimboarding / Land Based Shark Fishing


Show Description: Chad Crawford’s skating the surf’s edge as he shows you how to Skimboard on Melbourne Beach. Plus, Chef Justin Timineri celebrates Viva Florida 500, by showcasing some of the fruit, vegetables and seafood used by Florida’s native peoples and early colonists. Then, Chad’s strapping on the harness, and digging his heals in the sand, as he shows you how to do Land Based Shark Fishing from the coast of Fort Pierce.



When: You can literally skim board any time you want! The water isn’t going anywhere although it may get a little chilly in the winter!


Where: Skimboarding can be done anywhere you can access the ocean water. You’ll only need a few inches of water to do it!


How Much: Besides purchasing your gear, this is completely free of charge. You’re welcome.


What You’ll need: You’ll need a skimboard which you can buy at most surf shops. We recommend Skim City located in Melbourne beach about and hour and a half southeast of Orlando and three hours north of Miami. They’re the largest shop around and carry tons of top of the line skimboards.


Resource Links: For more information about Roman Hager visit the link below! Zap Skimboards Skim City Roman’s Facebook Videos of Roman on Youtube Follow Roman on Instagram

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Land Based Shark Fishing

Where: Land Based Shark Fishing is all about being at the right place at the right time. The blacktip spring run is the most popular to fish, with most locations from the Stuart area to Boca Raton having sharks during this time, due to their proximity to the Gulf Stream. The best areas are in the surf along the beach, or in numerous inlets in the area. Sharks are present in most other areas of the state as well.


When: The blacktip migration is usually between mid-January to mid-April, but sharks can be caught from Florida’s southeast beaches year round.If you fish between Stuart and Boca Raton you should find coastal shark species in the surf.


How Much: Beyond gear, the only other expense for land based shark fishing is a Florida Saltwater Fishing Permit.


What you need: Our expert Josh Jorgensen gave us this checklist for gear: – a large spinning reel that can hold a minimum of 300yds of line (400yds is much better). I would recommend using 65lb braided fishing line. – a 10-13ft surf rod that is rated for more than 5oz of casting weight. – a 7ft shark rig with a circle hook. See video link below – sharks tags from the Apex Predator Program – shark tagging applicator – bait (jacks, blue runners, mullet, bonito, ladyfish, stingray, barracuda, and etc…) – a camera – a 3″ diameter PVC sand spike that is a minimum of 3ft in length. – a long pair of needle nose pliers to remove the hook. – a fishing license.


Additional Video Rigging and Knots Our expert Josh is a man of systems and techniques. You can see his system for shark rigging, or watch his whole series of shark fishing tips


Resource Links: Blacktip Challenge International Land Based Shark Fishing Association NOAA’s Apex Predator Program Gander – Get your shark gear here!