Day Trip: Catch, Cook and Chill

(southwest region)

Day trip snap-shot: Your day begins at 7:00 AM as you meet your fishing captain for a day on the water fishing the area around Anna Maria Island. After catching a few fish and taking in the sights, your captain will drop you off at famous Mar Vista restaurant where your catch will be prepared to order. After dining under 100 year old button wood trees you‘ll move on to the chill part. Arriving at Anna Maria island you’’ll rent some beach toys and walk onto some of the best beaches in the world. Here you’ll sit and watch the beautiful turquoise water, read a book, people watch, maybe have a long uninterrupted conversation but mostly just chill.

1st Stop- Inshore Fishing

About: A chartered fishing trip will always include the boat, bait, tackle, all license requirements and stamps.You will need to bring your own drinks and food.
Address: varies. Tell your guide you want to end up at Mar Vista for a Catch & Cook.
Time: 7:00 AM (time will vary depending on fishing conditions)
Activity: You will be using light tackle to catch a variety of fish. Snook, redfish trout, and sheeps head are all possible catches in the area.
Cost: $450 for three anglers for 4 hrs
Local Tip: Captains are a great source of local knowledge so don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. Try to avoid making loud noises like slamming the cooler lid, fish can be very spooky. Never and I  mean never bring a banana on board, fisherman are very superstitious and they believe this yellow fruit to be very bad luck. Ask our Captain where this tales hales from as there are conflicting stories of it’s origin.

2nd Stop- Mar Vista Restaurant

About: This old Florida restaurant was originally built in 1912, so yeah it’s seen a thing or two. Graced with 100 year old button wood trees it is the ultimate outdoor Florida dining experience.
Address: 760 Broadway St, Longboat Key, FL 34228
Arrive: noonish
Activity: Eat, drink and soak up the ambiance
Local Tip:  Weather permitting ask to sit under the button wood trees and try their own signature wine Lola. Also try their tater tots and sun ray clams.

3rd Stop- Anna Maria Beach

About: White fluffy sand that feels good on your feet and saves? the soul is the main attraction here.
Address: 602 Bahia Del Sol Dr Ruskin, FL 33570
Arrive: 2-3 PM
Activity: Chill
Local Tip: Try to avoid going on the weekends as it gets pretty crowded. You can find free parking at the corner of Spring Ave. and Gulf Drive. If you need to rent beach gear, umbrellas, or chairs then try beach bums. They have a great selection and if you call ahead they will deliver it to you.

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