Chad’s Blog: Okay… our bagels suck.

Dreamy Florida BeachAs you may or may not know, this year marks the 500th anniversary of when Juan Ponce De Leon first landed on our east coast and named it La Florida. The year 1513 marks the early beginnings of our country’s history. No other state can claim 500 years of rich history like we can.

Since that time, our state has been (and continues to be) colonized by almost every human culture the earth possesses. According to, about 1,000 people move here every day.

As a matter of fact, 70% of Florida’s population, or 13,522,298 out of 19,317,568, were not born in Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mixing bowl of culture that is Florida today. I truly believe it’s one of our great assets, but as a proud native here, it pains me to hear people who have lived here for years still dawg Florida. I know that our bagels suck and that we don’t know good pizza from a hole in the ground; I know it’s hot and oh the mosquitoes…don’t get me started! However, just like any other major life change, focusing on all the negative aspects can only make things increasingly negative.

I’ve heard all of my life from people saying that there is nothing to do here, which is exactly why I created this show and have made this my mission. Our world famous sport fishing, over 1,800 miles of coastline and 10,000 lakes offers residents and visitors endless outdoor opportunities. It’s OUR state. If you’ve lived here for two days or for six generations, we all need to claim our great state for ourselves and our families. That means getting out there and engaging it, protecting it, and trying something different out of your comfort zone.

Like I’ve said before, memories are priceless and there is only one way to make them. So happy 500th birthday Florida! From where I sit you look pretty darn good for 500.

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Do florida!

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