Day Trip: Seashore Sunrise

(east-central region)

Day trip snap-shot: Watch sun-rise at Canaveral National Seashores and explore the park, kayak and eat a seafood lunch at JB’s Fish Camp, walk Flagler ave in New Smyrna for shopping, drinks and food.

1st Stop- Canaveral National Seashores

About: Prepare yourself to witness a sunrise on a untouched and undeveloped Florida beach. Referred to by locals as “red shell beach” it’s reddish hue comes from the cocinna shells that blanket it’s shoreline.
Address: 7600 S Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Arrival time: 30 min before sunrise ($5 per car to get in)
Activity: Here you will find your spot and settle in to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean, bring your thermos of coffee.
Local Tip: During warmer times of year the bugs can be vicious, pack long sleeve shirts, pants and bug repellant.
There are 5 main parking lots for beach access. The first one has a freshwater shower.

2nd Stop-  JB’s Fish Camp (3 miles N of Canaveral National Seashores)

About: The old fish camp drips with Florida texture and attitude. Here you can score local seafood, rent a kayak and watch the guides come in to clean their catch.
Address: 859 Pompano Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Arrive: 10-11AM
Activity: Rent kayaks to explore the Indian River Lagoon. Cost is 10$ per hour. No reservation needed, just drive up and walk toward the kayaks rental booth.
Local Tip:  You’ll see manatees, dolphins and a variety of birds but at a distance so bring a good camera with a long lens. Hang out long enough and you’ll witness  fishing guides cleaning their catch. Its also an epic spot to have a drink and watch the sun go to bed.

3rd Stop- Flagler Ave in NSB

About: Flagler ave is 1.2 miles of shops, bars, restaurants set in the beachiest little beach town on Florida’s East coast.
Address: Flagler Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Arrive: 3-4PM
Activity: Walk, shop, people watch, buy, laught, drink and eat

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