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Chad’s Blog: The Amazing Five

As a kid growing up in Florida, I remember drinking Florida Orange Juice and thinking, “This is awesome, I want more!” ...

Chad’s Blog: A Low-Traffic Treasure

In a time when it’s getting harder and harder to find untouched, undeveloped, pristine places in Florida, it’s with a whisper that I offer up one of my treasures. ...

Chad’s Blog: Part Surf, Part Fishing…All Fun

It was season two when Captain Noel Kuhn took me to school on how to surf fish; that episode reignited my love for the sport. With four kids, I’ve found that surf fishing is the perfect way for me to get my fishing fix and...

Chad’s Blog: Right Under Your Nose

Even though we wish we could, we can’t all just take a long weekend - or an entire week - to explore the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore, have adventures, and make memories right where we are. ...

Chad’s Blog: Ten Great Ways to Get Outside, Florida!

Here at Crawford Entertainment, we spend all day, each day working on programming that will help you get outside and enjoy our Florida, whether that be trying new adventures with how to Do florida and The Outsiders Club, or digging in the dirt and planting...