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Day Trip: Bass, Burgers & Beer

This will be a day of reeling in FL legendary bass and lifting glasses of hand crafted beer up and down. This is a great day for old friends to catch up or replace the beer with root beer and take the kiddos. No matter...

Typically, I try to reserve the topics of this blog for Florida related subjects and the like. However, as a father, husband and man, I feel the need to share and explore the area of the importance of teaching your children to do chores and...

A few days ago I took my son, Chase, fishing on the St. Johns River. Just the two of us. Being a family of six, itʼs rare that we get to spend a few hours alone as father and first born son. I certainly look forward...

As a kid, I can remember going to many different Florida springs with my family. I also remember thinking, “why is the water so cold and where does it come from??” The last time my wife and I took our kids to a spring they asked...

  Summer is upon us and with the kids out of school their sense of boredom will skyrocket along with the temperatures. The heat can be downright brutal in our state, but fortunately there is plenty of water and activities here involving the water to keep...