Chad’s Blog: A Floridian Getaway (New Smyrna Beach)

img_1161My wife, Kristy, and I are always seeking unique Florida Bed and Breakfast experiences. We recently stumbled upon Anchor Inn, which was named by the owner after a recurring dream she had that referenced a Bible verse.
Anchor Inn is a small 6-room B&B tucked away in New Smyrna Beach’s historic district, walking distance to NSB’s historic downtown Canal Street and a quick 5-minute drive from the beach.
When Kristy and I arrived, we were greeted by owners, Maria and Ellen, and a jumbo glass of red wine. We were off to a good start! The main house is filled with local artwork and nautical relics. Make sure to take in the fireplace made completely out of coquina shell. Maria then showed us to the tastefully decorated Mermaid room, our home for the next couple of nights.


 That evening, we walked to Canal Street and had a delicious dinner at Corkscrew Bar and Grille. As we were walking back to Anchor Inn, we heard a powerful, beautiful voice coming from a local bar. After some searching we wound up in the back room of the Yellow Dog Eats, where we sat, had a few drinks, and soaked up the local live entertainment. 

The next day, we got up early and headed down Flagler Avenue toward the beach to watch the sun wake up over the Atlantic; it’s kind of an obsession of mine. If you’ve never done this, I highly recommend it.Bring your camera, take a few pics, then just relax and enjoy one of the greatest shows on earth. (Pro tip: Bring chairs and some coffee; it’s a hassle, but so worth it).
Once back at Anchor Inn, we were served eggs Benedict and a fruit crumb cake that was indescribably good. Then, it was off to Canal street to stimulate the local economy; we were those tourists – we bought a bunch of stuff we didn’t need, but couldn’t pass up. Of course, we enjoyed every moment of it.
The following evening we took an Uber to The Garlic and Blu Bar – if you haven’t been there, go! The ambience, including its rustic decor, gives you the sense that you’re eating outside, but you’re actually inside a bug-free, climate-controlled environment. We enjoyed our deliciously prepared meal while listening to live music.
After our last good night of sleep, we awoke to freshly made quiche, fruit, and a pastry. Maria says she aims to give you a big enough breakfast so you can enjoy NSB all day without even needing lunch!
Kristy and I fully enjoyed our visit to Anchor Inn; the owners were more than accommodating, the location was prime, and it was perfectly quaint.
If you visit Maria at Anchor Inn, tell them Chad and Kristy sent you. They might give you an even bigger glass of wine.img_7516


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