Chad’s Blog: The Underwater Side of Florida


Goliath grouper (photo by Steve Starkey)

As a Florida adventure junkie, I have always been drawn to scuba diving. As soon as I got that diving certification card, I was absolutely blown away by what so few people get a chance to see. It really is a whole other world down there.

So, when I first heard about the Artificial Reef Program in Volusia County, I was intrigued. Donated concrete materials and retired ships once destined for the landfill are being sunk to the bottom of the ocean, creating new marine life habitats, as well as a positive impact on the environment. It really doesn’t take long before all kinds of big game fish and all kind of marine life make themselves at home.

These artificial reefs are also giving the local economy a real boost. Places like Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach are ranking higher and higher as some of the best fishing and diving destinations in the United States as fishermen and scuba divers travel from all around the world to see these new digs.


Regal sea fan, a gorgonian (Photo by Joe Knott)

So, while I encourage you to do Florida, consider exploring the great watery unknown — where thousands of miles of Florida have yet to be discovered.

Get out and Do florida!

Chad Crawford

For more information about The Artificial Reefs of Volusia County, Florida, go to


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