Chad’s Blog: Do Orlando North

This year marks our ninth season of how to Do florida. In fact, this year we’ll be airing our 100th episode! Nine seasons and I feel like I’ve barely put a dent in the number of things to Do and see in this great state.

No matter where you live in Florida — or even if you’re just visiting — there are plenty of things to Do around here without going very far. Heck, I’ve lived in Seminole County, Florida my whole life and I’m still finding new things to Do in this one county alone (there are 67 counties in Florida, in case you’re wondering).

If you’ve never been to my neck of the woods, then start with Do Orlando North. This website has all you need to discover everything this wonderful area has to offer — places to eat and stay, the arts, the nightlife, and (my favorite) plenty of nature and outdoors, including hiking, biking, paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, horseback riding, spring hopping — you name it, they got it, but without the crowded, touristy areas further south.

So, get out and Do florida! And, don’t miss all new episodes of how to Do florida all summer long. Click here for a TV station near you:

Also, make sure to check out The Outsiders Club — it’s like how to Do florida for kids! Season 3 starts this summer, too.


Do florida!





Wekiwa Springs

Wekiva Island 


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