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In a time when it’s getting harder and harder to find untouched, undeveloped, pristine places in Florida, it’s with a whisper that I offer up one of my treasures.

Drum roll, please…

The Magical World of Harr-


Actually, it’s the unfiltered world of Canaveral National Seashores – 24 miles of original Florida seashore located on Florida’s central east coast. I’ve been visiting my whole life. As a kid I would surf, fish (or surf fish), fish the mosquito lagoon, and camp, but mostly I just enjoyed being in a place that feels stuck in time – in a good way.

The park is made up of a few main features. The first is the beach-access parking lots; there are five of them, and you can park, then drag your beach furniture down to the Atlantic ocean. Gazillions of crushed coquina shells give the beach a golden tan that is absolutely stunning. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Another feature is the Eldora State House, a home whose more than 100-year history, along with artifacts and photographs, has been carefully preserved.

The other really cool feature is primitive island camping. There are 14 Back Country campsites in Canaveral National Seashores that, if you’re into adventure camping (aka – no bathrooms, running water, or usb plugs), you’ll really appreciate. To enjoy one of the most primitive camping experiences in Florida, you’ll need a permit, but it’s only $20/night! For permits and more information, click here.

Well, there it is! I’m often asked where to go in Florida, but I rarely offer up my hidden gems. Now more than ever, though, I want people to see Florida in its pristine state, in hopes that more of us will see the incredible value in preserving Florida’s treasures, like Canaveral National Seashores.

What are you waiting for?

DO florida!

-Chad Crawford


Seashore Sunrise


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