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Chad’s Blog: how to Listen to Your Dog

That’s the great thing about dogs -- going anywhere outdoors is an adventure. Even a walk around the block can be the most exciting part of their day. They are so in-tune with nature and everything around them. Just like me, he just needs to...

Chad’s Blog: Support Your Florida Farmers

I was recently at a U-Pick strawberries just a few miles from my house in Seminole County, and it really got me thinking about where my family gets its fresh produce and how much of it comes from Florida. Florida’s agriculture industry is second only...

Chad’s Blog: The Underwater Side of Florida

As a Florida adventure junkie, I have always been drawn to scuba diving. As soon as I got that diving certification card, I was absolutely blown away by what so few people get a chance to see. It really is a whole other world down...

Chad’s Blog: Home Away from Home

One of the best things my family and I love about living just north of Orlando is that we don’t really have to deal with tourists and traffic....

Chad’s Blog: Home For the Holidays

Chad Crawford talks about where to find the Christmas spirit Florida-style in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. 2017 holiday events include boat parade and home tours...

As you may or may not know, this year marks the 500th anniversary of when Juan Ponce De Leon first landed on our east coast and named it La Florida. The year 1513 marks the early beginnings of our country’s history. No other state can...

The mosquitoes are poised and ready to pounce; the sweat is ready to roll off your brow. Very soon it’ll be time to crank up the a/c and invest in new beach toys and lawn chairs. Full-blown summer will be upon us before we...

We recently went on our yearly family vacation to New Smyrna Beach. Yeah, a whooping 45 minute drive for us from Lake Mary, one of the many bennies of living in paradise. One night, after a hard day of vacationing, my 8 year old son...