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how to Do florida Broadcast TV Schedule (Season 4)

Season 4 of how to Do florida is currently airing on Fox Sun Sports around the state.

Join host Chad Crawford for another season full of adventure in the Sunshine State! 13 new episodes with tons of new how-tos and each episode features a new amazing recipe from Chef Justin Timineri! Get ready to Do Florida!

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how to Do florida Cable TV Schedule (Season 4)

Season 4 of how to Do florida is currently airing on Fox Sun Sports. Click here to find your Fox Sunsports channel. Below is the current Fox Sunsports schedule.

Tuesday, April 8th @ 7:00pm- Dry Caving / Manatee Encounter
Monday, April 14th @ 10:30pm- Venomous Snakes / Sporting Clays
Thursday, April 21st @ 5:30pm- Top 5 Camping
Tuesday, April 24th @ 6:30pm- Shark Tooth Diving / Hot Air Ballooning
Friday, May 2nd @ 4:00pm- Top 5 Beaches
Monday, May 5th @ 12:30am- Top 5 Beaches
Tuesday, May 6th @ 11:30pm-  Top 5 Beaches
Wednesday, May 7th @ 11:00pm- Top 5 Beaches 
Friday, May 9th @ 4:00pm- Best of the Keys / Turtle Nesting
Saturday, May 10th @ 11:30pm- Best of the Keys / Turtle Nesting
Tuesday, May 13th @ 10:30am- Best of the Keys / Turtle Nesting
Friday, May 16th @ 4:00pm- Mahi Mahi Fishing / Florida Wines
Tuesday, May 20th @ 5:00pm- Mahi Mahi Fishing / Florida Wines
Thursday, May 22nd @ 12:30am- Mahi Mahi Fishing / Florida Wines
Friday, May 23rd @ 3:30pm- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Saturday, May 24th @ 3:00pm- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Sunday, May 25th @ 5:30pm- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Monday, May 26th @ 11:30am- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Tuesday, May 27th @ 11:30pm- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Wednesday, May 28th @ 4:30pm- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Thursday, May 29nd @ 6:00pm- Top 5 Saltwater Catches
Friday, May 30th @ 4:30pm- Goliath Grouper Fishing