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The Host - Chad Crawford

Chad CrawfordChad Crawfordʼs strange love affair with the Sunshine State might seem…well…downright nutty to some folks. Legend has it that he once had his stomach pumped due to a massive, one-sitting citrus intake. The doctors said they had never seen anything like that before and that he would never eat another orange again but, in true hero fashion, he has spited their medical opinion and eats citrus all day, every day.

An educated and cultured country boy at heart, Chad- a third generation Floridan- is simply proud of where he lives and enjoys sharing it with others. After high school, he quickly realized that his dreams of becoming a pro surfer and skyrocketing to the ranks and fame of Kelly Slater were not as attainable as he had originally thought.

At age 19, Chad enlisted in the United States Navy, where he figured he would be somewhat guaranteed to be near a body of salt water. He was stationed in Antigua, which is a tiny speck of an island just east of the Dominican Republic that’s not even visible on most maps. He spent two years serving his country on this remote, tropical island…fishing, scuba diving, surfing and occasionally standing at attention.

Chad did so well at these high-level skills that the commanding officer made him the PAO (Permanent Activities Orderly) of the base put him in charge of all merriment. Pretty much, whenever there was a military big wig on the island, they would hook him up with Chad, who would take them fishing and show them all the cool stuff there was to do…an early premonition of his skills as a “host of fun.”

After the Navy, Chad returned home to Central Florida where he cashed in his G.I. bill and enrolled into Full Sail University, a highly accredited film school in Orlando. Here he learned the skills to not only become a brilliant director of photography, but all aspects of the video production process.

Years later, after starting and maintaining a successful production house, he noticed his friends asking him questions that he actually thought were silly at the time. Questions like, “how do I take my kid fishing?” and “how do you surf?” and thus, the idea for the TV series How to Do Florida was born.

Floating around in his head, somewhere between lens sizes and sunsets, Chad realized the need to equip the over 70 percent of Floridians who where not born here with basic knowledge on how to get out there and enjoy their state. When asked about the show, he often says, ”How to Do Florida is a collision of my two passions, film-making and Florida.”

With an eye for cinematography, coupled with an infatuation with his own image, he is the ideal host. And so, after four seasons, multiple awards and over one hundred and fifty activities, no one has seen or experienced Florida quite like he has.

Chad is happily married and enjoys the outdoors with his wife Kristy and their four children in his hometown of Lake Mary. He spends his free time researching all things Florida and tracking down the ultimate humidity-proof hair jelly.

Recent rumors confirm that he is working on some type of mosquito hypnosis procedure that is still in very early stages of development.