Video: The Lost Treasure Fleet of 1715

Crawford Entertainment, producers of how to Do florida, have been nominated for an Emmy Award for their documentary, The Lost Treasure Fleet of 1715. The mysterious disappearance of 11 Spanish galleons has captured the attention of treasure-hunters for over three centuries. This special explores the history of the world’s deadliest maritime disasters and how the ships’ contents would ultimately give birth to Florida’s Treasure Coast. Follow modern-day treasure-hunter Brent Brisben and his crew on their journey from tragedy to one of the largest treasure hauls in over 40 years. 
“The story of the 1715 Spanish Fleet has always captivated me; there’s nothing more romantic than the idea of Spanish treasure scattered along Florida’s beaches.” – Chad Crawford, Director
The Lost Treasure Fleet of 1715 was filmed in a variety of locations throughout Florida. All of the underwater re-creation elements were filmed in The Florida Keys. The hurricane scenes, as well as the scenes that depict ship life, were filmed on a replica of the Nao Victoria, a Spanish ship, and the first vessel to circumnavigate the globe in 1522, while it was docked in St. Augustine. 
A documentary film crew followed Brent Brisben and his crew for more than 10 days as they looked for evidence of a new 1715 ship wreck. 
Director Chad Crawford recounts working with the treasure-hunters, “These are incredibly passionate characters who really have a love for the history of the 1715 fleet. It was an honor to be able to tell this story, and I hope others who see it will want to know more about Florida’s rich treasure history.”  

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